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How to deploy or host Hugo Website for free: Part 4
·904 words·5 mins
digital marketing website content
Deploy or host Hugo website for free on Netlify or Github in this simple guide.
Create Content on Hugo Website: Part 3
·1318 words·7 mins
digital marketing website content
Start creating different types of content on your Hugo website with the hugo new command. See how.
Install Hugo Theme: Part 2
·764 words·4 mins
digital marketing website content
Choose a theme and get started to configure hugo website in part 2 of this series.
How to Create a Website with Hugo: Part 1: Setup
·1012 words·5 mins
digital marketing website content
Learn how to create a website with Hugo with this comprehensive guide and host your website for free! This is Part 1 of the series.
What is the AIDA model in marketing?
·1192 words·6 mins
digital marketing aida content
The AIDA model is a widely-used marketing and advertising framework that stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action, and has been used to create effective content.
Reimagining the Marketing Funnel with the Discovery Stage
·2459 words·12 mins
digital marketing marketing funnel discovery stage
By introducing the Discovery stage, we can help our potential prospects discover a problem exists, create impactful first impressions, generate that initial interest, and expand our reach to individuals who may not have been actively seeking our products or services.
What is the JAMStack and Why Should Digital Marketers Care
·2459 words·12 mins
digital marketing website JAMStack
The JAMStack is a modern architecture for building websites and web apps and offers several benefits like including faster page load times, improved security, and better search engine optimization (SEO). Read why you should care.
Maximizing Email Marketing RoI
·2824 words·14 mins
digital marketing email marketing
Not all email marketing campaigns are created equal, and without a focused approach, you may not see the return on investment (ROI) you’re aiming for.
9 Things No One Can Teach You In Your Digital Marketing Career
·1628 words·8 mins
digital marketing career
If you’re just getting started in Digital Marketing, there are certain factors that can make or break your performance. Things that can aid you in avoiding typical problems and errors, and then there are things that can give you a competitive advantage.