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Welcome to the Digital Side Quest 🕹

Documenting digital experiences, learnings and thoughts.


One important life lesson from The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne
·676 words·4 mins
musings books life
The five castaways on Lincoln Island have inspired me to look at problem solving closely.
How to Create a Website with Hugo: Part 1: Setup
·1012 words·5 mins
digital marketing website content
Learn how to create a website with Hugo with this comprehensive guide and host your website for free! This is Part 1 of the series.
My Experience Switching from Windows to Mac OS
·1954 words·10 mins
software tech mac os macbook
This is my first time using Mac OS for productivity and here’s what I discovered switching from Windows to Mac OS on a Macbook Air M1.
I’m taking Digital Minimalism Seriously
·1362 words·7 mins
musings digital minimalism tech mental health
I’ve never been more happy. I don’t have the urge to tell someone what I think anymore - I just don’t care enough to waste my time on the comments section.
What is the AIDA model in marketing?
·1192 words·6 mins
digital marketing aida content
The AIDA model is a widely-used marketing and advertising framework that stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action, and has been used to create effective content.
Reimagining the Marketing Funnel with the Discovery Stage
·2459 words·12 mins
digital marketing marketing funnel discovery stage
By introducing the Discovery stage, we can help our potential prospects discover a problem exists, create impactful first impressions, generate that initial interest, and expand our reach to individuals who may not have been actively seeking our products or services.