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About Digital Side Quest

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Hi, I’m Santosh Subramanian and welcome to the Digital Side Quest 🕹!

I started this blog as a personal journaling project to document my digital life including my digital marketing learnings, experiences with hardware and software, how I setup something or fixed a problem, and basically everything concerning my interactions with the digital world.

I’ve been a digital marketer for over a decade now, and I enjoy reading, writing and playing video games. So what better way to get better at digital marketing than practicing it for my own blog documenting my digital life, right? Here’s my professional profile.

I write here so I can come back and refer to what I’ve learnt and I feel this information may help others looking for answers.

How this blog is built #

This blog runs on a static site generator called Hugo, and uses the Blowfish theme. I chose Hugo because it is blazingly fast compared to popular blogging options like Wordpress even though I am way more comfortable with Wordpress having used it exclusively for over a decade. As a tinkerer, here’s why I think digital marketers should care about the JAMStack..

Send a message #

If you want to share feedback or connect with me, use this form below.